As a reliable China lost wax casting factory, Parfect Machinery Co., Ltd founded in 1997.We are one of leading lost wax casting manufacturers in China, with latest lost wax casting technologies of silica sol casting process and water glass casting process. As such lost wax casting company, we provide stainless steel casting, carbon steel casting, low alloy steel casting, structural steel casting, heat-resistant steel casting, corrosion-resistant steel casting, brass casting, and cast iron casting according to metal differences. It is our pleasure to be as preferable lost wax casting supplier that meets high demands in lost wax casting parts, such as tight tolerance, fine surface toughness. Because our lost wax casting manufacturing can be controlled with tight tolerance close to part's net weight to minimum machining cost and easy for welding under optimum process according to the whole feature of the part’s configuration and specific requirements on material and mechanical properties.

Service Industries

Transportation equipment

Automotive parts, train parts, vessel parts, truck parts, taxi parts, trailer parts, etc.

Agricultural implements
tillage parts, planting parts, seeding parts, harvesting parts, tractor parts, etc.

Marine industry
anchor, bollard, socket, container parts, cleat, deck machinery parts, wrench parts, windlass parts, etc.

Plumbing &drainage industry
pipe fittings, hose fitting, grids, fence, flange and joints, etc.

Oil &gas industry
pump parts, turbine parts, engine parts, motor parts, actuator parts, etc.

Civil projects
bridge &tunnel parts, building fittings, railway parts, lighting accessories, etc.

Heavy equipment
mining parts, drilling &digging parts, wagon parts, excavator parts, etc.

Industrial machine

food processing parts, logging parts, machining parts, etc.